Shane Barkley is the code enforcement officer.


The Zoning Department is responsible for:

  • Assisting property owners with Zoning inquiries
  • Ensuring that property owners are aware of any applicable Village Code issues affecting their potential projects
  • Developing appropriate resolutions to any potential violations

Zoning Code

Please click on the link below to view the New Concord Zoning Code:
New Concord Zoning Code-Updated October 2018
Please click on the link below to view the New Concord Zoning Map:

Village of New Concord, Ohio – 2016 Zoning Map

Subdivision Regulations

Village of New Concord Subdivision Regulations

Road Class Map V3

Zoning Applications

Zoning Application Fees:

New Commercial Building Construction $150.00
Commercial Building Additions or Exterior Alteration $75.00
New Commercial Accessory Uses $75.00
New Commercial Accessory Building or Exterior Alteration $75.00
Change of Commercial Use with No Addtions or Alterations $25.00
New Residential Construction $50.00
Residential Accessory Construction $25.00
Residential Additions or Alterations $15.00
New Sign $15.00
Sign Alteration $10.00
Sending to Board
Design Review Board $0.00
Board of Zoning Appeals $20.00
Planning Commission Hearing $50.00
Minor Subdivision $15.00
Major Subdivision $200.00

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