The Village Council of New Concord is elected by the voters of the Village and serves as the legislative branch of the Village. The Village Council consists of six members elected to four-year terms. The Council elects a President from its own members.

Council Members

Council Meetings

Village Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Village Hall at 2 West Main Street. The fourth Monday of each month is reserved for a special Council meeting should one be necessary. The public is welcome to attend meetings or to provide comments on any village-related matter.

Village of New Concord Council Rules 2019

Council Committees

Finance Committee: The committee shall plan and develop the annual appropriations with the Mayor, Administrator and Fiscal Officer and meet as necessary to discuss any proposed change or addition to the annual appropriations and outside funding and support requests.

  •  Steve Wootton, Chair
  •  KJ Kearns
  •  Scott Sabino

Infrastructure Committee: All matters pertaining to streets, water, sewer, sidewalks, village buildings, property and equipment (except fire and police facilities and equipment).

  • Robert Dickson, Chair
  • Levi Shegog
  • Scott Sabino

Safety Committee: All matters pertaining to the Police Department, Fire Department, traffic and parking.

  • KJ Kearns
  • Robert Dickson
  • Jim Whitehair

Policy Committee All matters pertaining to personnel, zoning, development, annexation, taxes, public events, council policies, special requests, recreation, and the swimming pool.

  • Levi Shegog, Chair
  • Steve Wootton
  • Jim Whitehair

Committee procedures:

  • Committee meetings are open to the public and Council Members may attend any meeting.
  • Committee meetings are scheduled by the committee chairs. Village officials and staff may request a meeting and regular meetings may be scheduled prior to a Council meeting for issues on the Council agenda.
  • Committee agendas should be set in advance and scheduled with interested parties whenever possible