There will be a meeting of the Design Review Board on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 at 5pm at Village Hall.

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The New Concord Design Review Board is composed of five members who reside within the corporate limits of the Village.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Design Review Board has the following duties and responsibilities as established by the Ohio Revised Code and local ordinances:

  •  Review proposed changes to homes and businesses located within the Architectural   Review District (ARD)
  •  Review proposed signs to be placed in the ARD
  •  Work closely with the Village Administrator

2022 Members

The current members of the Design Review Board are listed below. Members serve a five-year term.

  • Levi Shegog
    • Current Appintment Expires: May 2025
  • Terri Wootton
    • Current Appointment Expires:
  • Eileen Adams
    • Current Appointment Expires:  May 2026
  • Carol Wilcox-Jones
    • Current Appointment Expires: February 2027
  • Vacant
    • Current Appointment Expires: